How Can a Conversational AI Platform Help?

18 Nov

Conversational AI Platform is a platform that allows users to interact with applications, websites, computers and other devices using natural language through voice, speech, text or gestures. The concept of Conversational AI platform was conceptualized by John Carmack, who is the creator of the ARG (Alternate Reality) games Quake and Wolfenstein. The idea of this platform was developed as part of the ARG "Nuclear Winter".

Unlike other artificial intelligence technologies such as AI assistants and Deep Blue, this platform has no hardware or software. It does not rely on any external hardware such as microphones, cameras or webcams. Instead it relies on human interaction such as speech recognition, facial expressions, gestures or body language. This system can be accessed through a computer, smartphone, tablet or PC.

It has been designed for use by companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, who want to use this platform to interact with customers and improve customer service. As the concept of this chatbot platform is open-ended, it may be applied by other companies too.

It is very much similar to the human-computer interaction technology, but unlike deep learning or other types of artificial intelligence, it is not controlled by the company making the product it works with. Rather, it uses the user's own voice and input to help automate interactions and communicate information about the user.

Interactive conversational AI Platforms are used in various ways such as providing customers with information about their products, providing recommendations, helping employees communicate effectively and helping businesses manage their data. One of its most exciting uses is that it can help in teaching children.

Unlike traditional AI assistants which may require developers to program in certain tasks, the conversational AI platform can be set up and then run by an administrator or by a developer without having to do any programming. The entire system can be configured in such a way so that it is able to adapt to the requirements of the user.

Since it is an open-ended and dynamic interactive conversational AI platform, it can be used to automate tasks. It can be set up to automatically respond to prompts such as, "Would you like to purchase now?"

It can also be used for many other purposes including training people on how to make interactive conversational AI systems for other businesses and helping them find new ideas. This is a great way for companies to save money and time, especially when it comes to the repetitive tasks. You can view here for more added details.

Like any other artificially intelligent platform, the conversational AI platform should be tested and evaluated before it is used in a production environment. The system should be carefully monitored and the software tested to ensure that it provides the best results.

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